Family Experiment


The ABC Guys have been doing workshops and presentations for many years. The key to success lies in getting the audience ENGAGED. When a community organization asked us to help them build Financial Literacy in their community, we knew what we needed to do, and the results showed it.

Huge Increase in Financial Savvy

The first stop on a national rollout aimed at improving people’s understanding of basic finances kicked off Saturday with an overwhelming success. The international best-selling authors of “The ABCs Of Making Money” staged a lively 90 minute presentation that, in the words of one attendee “…changed the whole way I look at money and savings in an extremely positive way. My whole family thanks you!”

As part of this pilot project, attendees were asked to fill out a short quiz before and after the presentation. Going in, the average financial awareness index was 22.3% which, according to the authors is about average for any community. After the session, follow-up tests showed a huge leap in awareness to 89.6%. “It shows how great the need for financial knowledge is, and that we can have a huge impact in a very short amount of time” according to co-author Dr. Denis Cauvier. One satisfied adult echoed this “…the information was presented in a very simple yet entertaining format.” “This isn’t just about making people more aware about money issues” according to co-author Alan Lysaght “this is about people taking charge of their financial lives, getting out from under crushing debts and starting to accumulate wealth.”

Many parents brought their children for this presentation which was aimed at both teenagers and adults. All participants were given a copy of the groundbreaking book “The ABCs Of Making Money for Teens” courtesy of Community Futures and the Change A Generation charity. “[A] fantastic book to use as a take-home family resource” enthused one parent. Another said “Great to attend with my daughter. This will start great discussions.” When asked, 91% said that they believed that the school system is not doing enough teaching in the area of finances, while 95% said that governments need to invest more to help young people learn about finances. One teen said “I really enjoyed this presentation. It would help if more teens attended and if it was presented across the country. I will always remember this stuff.” Another said “[It] provides important insight that teens need to know at a young age to prepare themselves for both the present and the future.” The most common comment from adults was: “I only wish I had the opportunity to have access to this info when I was younger.”

As a result of attending the program 69% of teenagers aged 13 to 17 said they were either “very likely” or “likely” set up an investment account. Meanwhile of the attending parents who did not already have an existing investment plan, 95% said that as a result of this presentation they were either “very likely” or “likely” to set up an investment plan. “These people can now see the power of taking charge of their financial lives. If they actually do set up plans for themselves their futures and their family’s futures will be much more secure” says Cauvier. “If we could reach that many people in 90 minutes, imagine what we could do if we rolled this out through the whole country” continues Lysaght. This learning opens real doors for people. One woman said “This has taught me that anything is possible with a positive attitude and positive thinking. I can achieve my dreams that before I was too scared of doing.”

Lysaght says “This is critical information for everyone to have. It can be the difference between a happy family life and one of constant financial stress.” One astute 10 year old who attended the session summed it up: “I liked the program…and it was very, very learnative.”