Teen Experiment

The ABC Guys have been doing workshops and presentations for many years. The key to success lies in getting the audience ENGAGED. When a University approached us to ask if we could help build financial awareness among teens living on a troubled Aboriginal reserve, it was more of a challenge. The results speak for themselves.

To prove our approach to financial education can help anyone, we chose to work with one of Canada’s most challenged communities: the Aboriginal reserve in Hobbema, Alberta. With 80% unemployment, massive substance abuse issues and the highest crime rate in Western Canada, it was a formidable test of our materials.

Here’s the Press Release from the event:

Huge Increase in Financial Literacy!

In a pilot project earlier this month, The ABC Guys designed and delivered a customized workshop to a group of teens. Testing showed that before the workshop, the average financial literacy among females was 32% and 28% in males. At the end of the session testing showed a jump to 68% in females and 71% in males. Discussions are now underway for an Aboriginal version of the Teen book with a national rollout to follow.

“We know our approach works, even in the most difficult circumstances. Our success in Hobbema proves that” says co-author Alan Lysaght. Co-author Dr. Denis Cauvier says “They’re the only financial books to come with a money back guarantee. Now our challenge is to find the right partners to bring this knowledge to high school students and their parents across the country.”

Fact: 80% of kids look to their parents for information about money

Fact: 74% of parents feel unequipped to speak to their children about financial issues.

Fact: A mother in Idaho sits down with her 2 boys and together they read “The ABCs of Making Money for Teens”. They do the exercises. She answers their questions. At the end, the 10 year old says “Mom, why are you paying me an allowance? Wouldn’t it be better to invest it for me so I could be rich one day?

Fact: Several U.S. teachers have risked sanctions by purchasing copies of “The ABCs of Making Money for Teens” for their students, without approval from their respective boards of education because, they say, the students can’t wait for the learning, and this is the best financial book they’ve ever seen.