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The New Insurance book

We are extremely pleased, and honoured, by the reaction to our latest book “Getting Rich, How To Avoid Being Ripped-Off by the Insurance Industry”. This is a story that HAD to be told to protect the hundreds of thousands of innocent families that are being victimized by the cash value industry. Here are some comments about the new book by… Read more →

Talking to Your Kids About Money

A few years ago Denis and I spent most of a year traveling across America talking about The ABCs of Making Money for Teens and the lack of any financial literacy training in schools or homes. Parents and teachers loved talking about it; financial professionals volunteered to donate books to schools and youth groups; the press ate it up and,… Read more →

Leave The Rich Alone

Ever since the beginnings of the Occupy movement it’s been fashionable to vilify the so-called1%. Our approach is different: we are dedicated to elevating members of the 99% to enjoy the lifestyles and security of the 1%. Rather than feeling guilty about all the work involved in achieving a higher income, take a look at this example. It comes from… Read more →

Lesley Scorgie, a Financial Success Story

When we were writing The ABCs of Making Money for Teens, we were lucky to meet and get to know lots of amazing teens. In some ways they were even more inspiring than the self-made millionaires we’d met during the research for our first book. The rule we had was that all the teens had to have achieved something independently,… Read more →

Creativity and Success

Today we’ll cover the third element of the ABC’s approach: Creativity. It’s a fact that three quarters of all self-made millionaires own one or more businesses. Entrepreneurialism is the fast track to financial success, but it’s not for all people. If you’re at all risk averse, you’re probably better off following the suggestions in the Behaviors section of the book.… Read more →

Behaviors for Success

In the Behaviors section of The ABCs of Making Money we talk about the strategies for saving and growing your money. For example, one of the biggest wealth robbers involves carrying a balance on a credit card. The average American carries a balance of $15,000 on their credit card. This is shocking and at that level, it is unlikely that… Read more →

The ABC Guys welcome You!

  After years of responding – when time allowed – to individual emails, we decided that we should share some of this advice in a more public way via a blog. So, starting today, whenever we have something that we feel is worth commenting upon or someone asks a question, the answer to which might be of interest to others,… Read more →

Attitudes for Financial Success

Today I thought I’d give you an overview of the ABC approach to Financial Success. A stands for Attitude and I’ll explain the importance of that in just a moment. The Behavior section is the second segment where we deal with the sorts of strategies you want to use, and the pitfalls you want to avoid, in order to make… Read more →

The Absolute Best Investment

Every day we see articles penned by experts claiming, variously, that the S&P 500 will hit unheard of highs in the next 10 years, followed by an equal number of articles claiming that we are in a bubble which is about to burst. So, do you put everything you’ve got into equities or sell everything and keep it liquid? The… Read more →