Lesley Scorgie, a Financial Success Story

When we were writing The ABCs of Making Money for Teens, we were lucky to meet and get to know lots of amazing teens. In some ways they were even more inspiring than the self-made millionaires we’d met during the research for our first book.

The rule we had was that all the teens had to have achieved something independently, without the direct help of their parents or other adults. We heard stories about kids helping other kids; setting up international charities, and lobbying to save the planet.,/p>

One of the aspects that impressed us was that all these teens were taking control of their situations. Lesley Scorgie is a great example. Since age 10, her goal was to be a millionaire by the time she reached 25. We first heard about her after her appearance on Oprah and the publication of her first bestselling book Rich by Thirty. Since then she’s written two other books: Rich by Forty and recently, Well Heeled, the Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting Rich.

To us, the best thing about Lesley – other than her relentlessly positive approach to life – is that in addition to really understanding the ‘saver’ mindset, which will serve her well throughout her life, she still has lots of fun. She loves to shop, go out with friends, and loves buying shoes, but she also understands that there has to be a balance. Her simple rule growing up was to put half of everything she earned into investments for the future, while having fun with the remainder. Simple, but incredibly powerful. Check out her website at Rich By Thirty and get inspired.


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